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What Is The Best Soap To Clean A CPAP Mask?

CPAP masks are, without a doubt, the most crucial component of your CPAP setup. They open directly into your airways and deliver your pressured air. Unfortunately, your masks tend to be the dirtiest. They come in direct contact with the humid, germs-habitat part of your airways. For that reason, it is vital that you only use the best soap to clean a CPAP mask.

But what soap is the best? What basis can you even use to classify?

Lucky you, this article contains all the answers. So, read on to find them.

Whatever mask you use, be it nasal pillows, nasal, or full face masks, they all have similar soaps requirements. That said, let’s see the features you should consider when purchasing cleaning agents for your CPAP masks.

pH Neutral

ph neutral

The most important feature of your cleaning agent is how acidic or basic/alkaline it is. Now, you’re in the know that acidic spells bad for the skin, as well as your mask. Now, that doesn’t mean that “basic” compounds are safe. How so?

For acidic mixtures, they would likely eat through the materials of your CPAP masks. That way, you can expect deterioration to those pricey essentials in no time. Unfortunately, that means more money to spend.

Worse: acidic soap can leach out your skin. If your cleaning agent tends more acidic than your face, then you can expect all sorts of skin irritations.

For alkaline compounds, the conditions are also not favorable to your mask and face. For starters, these compounds are in contrast to the default pH of your skin.

The human skin ranges from 5.7 to 7. However, basic/alkaline compounds range between 8 and 14. In that case, an alkaline mixture causes your face to be more susceptible to irritations (such as acne and eczemas).

So, what pH is the standard for your face and mask?

Aim for soaps with a pH score of 7. With those, you won’t fear any skin irritation or undue damage to your CPAP mask. More so, the skin along your airway is somewhat delicate, so it’s best to stay on the safe side.

Mild & Gentle

After the pH, the next thing to consider is the level of the coarseness of your desired soap. Just like how we advise for neutral cleaning agents, you should also seek mild soaps. Why?

Mild/gentle soaps contain skin-friendly chemical compounds. That means sediments in your masks won’t hurt the delicate skins on your face or along your airway.

Also, mild cleaning agents mean less friction and wear-off for your masks. That said, it is best to use liquid soaps as they are generally more gentle than bar soaps.

In essence, you’d benefit from a long-lasting after-wash for your mask as well as a clean and smooth skin with a mild soap.


Since one of your airways is your nose, it is best to keep your cleaning agent neutral-scented. The chances are high that you’re allergic to certain fragrances that even you don’t know. If you use a cleaning agent with such a smell, it could lead to a queue of unwanted bodily reactions.

And if you’re not allergic, a strong-scented soap arguably contains higher concentrations of heavy chemical compounds (such as aromatics). Else, the scents would wear off during cleaning.

Thankfully, you know the effect strong chemicals can have on your airways. As such, you’d understand why it is best that you steer clear of scented soaps with such properties and components.

Now that you know the features, what about the soap that made the grade?

5 Ph-neutral, Mild, Unscented Soaps You Can Trust For Cleaning Your CPAP Masks

Now, if you’re quite familiar with your liquid washers, you’d hardly find the ones that meet the grade that we listed. Often, these washers have chlorine or fragrance as part of their ingredients.

So, what can you do?

Don’t fret. We’ve taken our time to get the safe cleaners for you. Have a look:

Ivory Dishwashing Liquid Soap

Ivory is our first pick for its popularity. Already, the product is a household utility for cleaning dishes and other desirables.

Fortunately, you can also use Ivory to clean your CPAP masks and hoses. Also, it is a deep cleaner. So you can say bye to oily stains from your face stuck to your CPAP devices.

More importantly, it is mild and gentle on the skin.

Key Takeaways

  • Zero phosphate – unlike typical dishwashing liquids, Ivory contains no phosphate. That way, you can sleep comfortably without the fear of suffocation during your deserved rest.
  • Dilutable – Ivory is a thick mixture that you can yet dilute with water. Even in dilution, cleaning effectiveness remains the same. As such, you can use the product for a long time and save your money.
  • Multifunctional – Ivory can function as a cleaning agent for your dishes, light clothing, as well as furniture. With it, you get a one for all aid to keep dirt and germs at bay.
  • Comes in a pack of three – a single purchase of Ivory comes in discounted packages that contain three units of dishwashing liquid. Considering that you can dilute the contents, Ivory is an affordable option.

Johnson's Baby Shampoo

This product did one over Ivory; in addition to phosphate, it is also free from dyes, parabens, and sulfated. Also, Johnson’s smell is as scentless as fresh air.

The best part: Johnson’s ideal focus is the delicate skin and hair of a baby. For that reason, you can rest assured that it is safe for masks, skin, and airways.

Key Takeaways

  • Safety – Johnson’s Baby Shampoo contains hypoallergenic components. The manufacturer developed this product with 50% fewer ingredients to bring a gentle touch to your mask and face. So, If you’re one with highly-sensitive skin, you won’t feel an itchy face or irritations.
  • A brand you can trust – Johnson has over a century of developing skin-friendly washers. In their products, you can rest assured that you are buying from a skin specialist.
  • Multifunctional – just like Ivory, you can use your Johnson’s for other purposes. Besides, the primary function of the soap is to bathe your baby. Already, using the product to clean your CPAP utility is an extra function.

Note:When using Johnson’s for your CPAP masks, add just a few drops to the cleaning water.

Pürdons CPAP Mask & Hose Soaps

Pürdons are specifically for CPAP devices. Luckily, they come in variations. Of all the variations, the green tea and mint soaps are the most popular. 

That’s because they clean your silicone-based masks as well as neutralize the silicone-ish smell.

Key Takeaways

  • 100% safe and natural ingredients – Pürdons soaps combine cleaning additives and natural extracts. Such include grapefruit, green tea, lime, and mint. Also, the product is free of bleaching agents, organic compounds, and conditioners that will harm your airways and skin.
  • Specially designed for CPAP masks and hoses – Pürdons doesn’t combine dishwashing functions with CPAP cleaning. It only focuses on the latter. That way, you’ll get a streamlined cleaner for your aids. Furthermore, this product cleans and as well as neutralizes. It gets rid of the dirt in your masks. Also, it suppresses the unpleasant smell of the material of your CPAP aid.

Dr. Bronner's Unscented Liquid Soap

Dr. Bronner’s is somewhat similar to Pürdons because they are both natural and eco-friendly. Unlike Pürdons, the former is entirely scent-free. That means you won’t be off by unpleasant fragrances while you sleep.

Furthermore, Dr. Bronner’s can also function as cleaning soap for your household utilities. It has no foaming properties, neither does it contain preservatives. For those reasons, it leaves a gentle touch on your CPAP masks and hoses.

Key Takeaways

  • Organic and sustainable components – the primary ingredients for Dr. Bronner’s Unscented Liquid Soap are organic and vegetable oils. As such, it is free of chemical additives – and the consequent effects on your skin and CPAP devices. Furthermore, the container for this product is 100% recycled-resources. In other words, you help save the planet by using Dr. Bronner’s.
  • Dilutable – Dr. Bronner’s is at least 3x thicker than most cleaning agents. Meaning: you can dilute it into different mixtures and realize equally effective cleaning results for your CPAP utilities.

Seventh Generation Liquid Soap

Seventh Generation Soap is similar to Dr. Bronner’s. For starters, it is entirely scent-free. Also, it is plant-based, and you can use it to clean household materials.

Furthermore, this product is free from phosphates and dyes. The best for last: Seventh Generation Soap is the most affordable product on this list. When you consider it’s unique features, plus its 6-unit-per-bag deal, you’d see that the soap is a bargain buy.

Key Takeaways

  • 100% natural – this product is plant-based. As such, you can rest assured you won’t suffer chemical contamination when you use it.
  • Gentle and safe – Seventh Generation Liquid Soap is a USDA certified product. It comprises 95% bio-friendly and is friendly to your skin and the environment at large.

Bottom line

Besides what we listed in this article, there are other washers you can consider as the best soap to clean a CPAP mask. However, to make the best decision, always take the advice of your physician.

We hope this article helps! Out of curiosity, which of these soaps would you use?

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